The tipi is a beautiful space for events and gatherings of all kinds. Individual tipi owners have used their tipis for year round living, camping, and for historical purposes at museums and community centres. A 15 ft tipi is ideal for camping or for a small gathering space. The 20ft tipi is very large and can fit 25 people seated in a circle; however it is harder to heat. Our 6ft kids tipi can be set up by children in 15 mintues and can fit 6 children in a circle.

We build a Sioux style tipi. This is the type that works best with a canvas cover. The traditional Mi'kmaq home is the wigwam which comes from the Mi'Kmaq word "wikuom", meaning dwelling. The conical wigwam was constructed from poles covered with birch bark strips sewn together with spruce. Wigwams were usually put up by women and could be built in a day. Women from yurt dwelling nations were also responsible for the set up of their homes! 

The floor was lined with fir twigs, woven mats and animal furs and a large hide acted as a door cover. Wigwams were painted with figures of animals and birds. The largest conical wigwams housed 12-15 people; for bigger families a longer style with two firplaces was built. 

The word tipi or teepee was never used by the Mi'Kmaq as it comes from a different native language and usually refers to a tent covered with skins, not bark. Birchbark made a good cover for a wigwam since it was waterproof and portable. When a family moved they took the birchbark sheets with them. 

We have adjusted the traditional design slightly to produce a tipi that has been reinforced in all the areas that usually wear. Our tipis are extremely hard wearing, particularly in bad weather. If you will be living in the tipi we recommend purchasing the inner liner. It will prevent drafts and provide a more comfortable space.

Our tipis have many advantages including:

  • A rot proof bottom on our inner liners

  • Large pockets on the smoke flaps to make it easy to fit the smoke flap poles

  • Grommet enforced dowel holes

  • Nylon loops on the bottom of the tipi to prevent rot

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  • Tipi Prices

    Our tipi covers include the pegs, smoke flap ropes, anchor rope, wooden lacing pins, a canvas storage bag and a tipi door.

    Diameter   Inner liner
    20ft (280 sq ft) $2010 $890
    15ft (170 sq ft) $1490 $720
    6ft kids tipi (28 sq ft) $695 (poles availible at $40 each) N/A

    Little Foot Yurts does not provide the tipi poles, except for the 6ft kids tipi at $40 per pole.
    The inner liner is ideal if you will be using it for accommidation as it prevents drafts and provides a more comfortable space.

    You will need to... Remove bark and sand Collect Spruce or Pine Buy Natural rope
    20ft tipi 14 poles 26ft long 40ft  (1/2"-3/4" diameter)
    15ft tipi 14 poles 22ft long 35ft (1/2"-3/4" diameter)
    6ft kids tipi  9 poles 8ft 2" long 20ft (1/2" diameter)

    A canvas care guide and training manual is included in the above prices. If you require set of your tipi for
    the first time we offer face-to face training and set up for $250. Delivery charges are not included. Our travel costs are .70 per kilometer (one round trip) for the tipi training and set up.

    The Lunenburg County Historical Society purchased 2 tipis from Little Foot Yurts as part of our Renaissance Project. Alex and Selene personally delivered them to the Fort Point Museum in LaHave and demonstrated how to set them up. Over the years we have used the tipis as living exhibits at the museum site, as well as for story telling, and craft demo's at the 'Acadian-Mi'kmaq', and 'LaHave Folk' festivals. They are very popular with both young and older visitors to the site, who often enjoy picnics inside them. We have been very pleased with the quality of the tipis, and with the personal service provided by Selene and Alex, whether it was to assist with setting up, taking down, or repairing a tear.

    - Gary Malone, Director of Lunenburg County Historical Society, NS See more testimonials