Types and Sizes

Palace Yurt

Dimensions: 850 sq ft, 33 ft diameter
Capacity: 96 banqueting
                 80 banqueting with service tables
                164 seated for ceremony
Extras: lighting, flooring, decoration package

Lotus Yurt

Dimensions: 710 sq ft, 30 ft diameter
Capacity: 74 banqueting
                 64 banqueting with service tables
                130 seated for ceremony
Extras: lighting, flooring, decoration package

Champagne Yurt

Dimensions: 615 sq ft, 28 ft diameter
Capacity: 64 banqueting
                 48 banqueting with service tables
                104 seated for ceremony
Extras: lighting, flooring, decoration package

Boudoir Yurt

Dimensions: 215 sq ft, 16 ft diameter
Capacity: sleeps 6-8 adults or small workshop space
Extras: lighting, flooring is included 

Stretch Tents

Dimensions: 24ft * 34ft 
Capacity: (3 stretch tents availible which can be joined)
24ft * 34ft
35 Banqueting, 50 Standing Cocktail, 60 Cinema Style
48ft * 34ft
70 Seated dinner, 100 Standing Cocktail, 120 Cinema 
72ft * 34ft
105 Seated dinner, 150 Standing Cocktail, 180 Cinema
Extras: lighting, bunting is included

Yurt Style Gallery

Champagne, Lotus, Boudoir
Stretch Tents
Yurt Combinations
  • Renting Multiple Yurts & Stretch Tents

    If you have more than 90 people, renting a stretch tent for your service & bar area will allow you to maximize the yurt for guest seating. Using another yurt or a combination of yurts and stretch tents can accommodate up to 200 people.

    Using multiple yurts and stretch tents together creates a dynamic and exciting atmosphere encouraging movement and mingling. After dinner, one of the yurts or stretch tents can be an intimate space for a bar or lounge area allowing the other yurt to be an amazing venue for dancing!

    Here's a few tips to ensure everyone feels connected:

    -Invite guests into the larger yurt for speeches after dinner

    -Arrange the head table nearest the main entrance

    -Zip back the facing canvas walls

    -Position the yurts and stretch tents with the main doors together creating a courtyard

    Capacity of Multiple Yurts & Stretch Tents

    Numbers of People   Types of Yurts
    90-100 people with service tables in stretch tent Palace & one stretch tent
    up to 120 people with service tables Palace & Champagne
    up to 140 people with service tables Palace & Lotus
    up to 144 people with service tables in stretch tent Palace, Champagne & one stretch tent
    up to 158 people with service tables in stretch tent Palace, Lotus & one stretch tent
    up to 200 people with service tables in Champagne Palace, Champagne & three stretch tents
    • If applying for a liquor license, occupant load may be reduced compared to our capacity chart. 

    Stretch Tents

    Stretch tents are based on the Bedouin style tents of North Africa and make the ideal accessory tent to our large yurts. They are suitable for lounge and chill out space, bar or food service, or a small stage.

    They are incredibly versatile and can be pitched a number of ways to create either an open canopy with all sides up or a well weather protected area with one to three sides down. The stretch tents can be set up free standing on all terrains, next to buildings, to cover pathways, between trees and on slopes.

    We have three strech tents, light beige in colour and each one is 24ft * 34ft. They are modular and three can be connected to create a space up to 72ft  * 34ft.


    Our lighting package for the palace yurt includes four Moroccan lanterns (two Moroccan lanterns for the champagne yurts) and perimeter mini lights. The lanterns are stain glass and hang from the central wheel, whilst the perimeter mini lights wrap around the circumference of the yurt. Both the lanterns and mini lamps provide beautiful evening lighting in the yurt, and the lanterns function on a dimmer switch. Please note we do not provide extension cords for lighting requirements. The lanterns and mini lights will need one two prong outlet.

    Our lighting package for the stretch tents includes LED dimmable Edison bulbs and a remote control multi colour mood light. It will need one two prong outlet. Please note we do not provide extension cords for lighting requirements.


    The flooring is made out of coconut husk (similar to jute) which is soft and rolls out in sections. It has a vapour barrier underneath which stops moisture and humidity coming up from the grass. It helps to create a more comfortable space, levelling out slightly bumpy ground and encloses the space giving the yurt an added touch.

    It's not necessary to rent a wooden dance floor to put on top of our flooring. Some clients choose to rent a dance floor if they have "serious" dancers that like a hard surface to dance on. Many of our clients are fine to just dance on our flooring, however if you do rent a hard dance floor, check with the rental company that it is the wood on metal frame type (not the plastic clip together one). The wooden type is much better on uneven surfaces. 

    Decoration Package

    Our decoration package includes two wall hangings, door decoration and wheel decoration. The door and wheel decoration are red and blue and you can either choose from red and grey or red and blue for the wall hangings. They are traditional felted yurt decorations hand made from a women's handicraft cooperative in Kyrgyzstan.  

    Many of our clients have purchased "shyrdaks" (felted carpets) to carry on the influence and beauty that the yurt had on them into their home! Check out the shyrdaks here.

    Click here to see images of our lighting, flooring and decoration packages.

    Seating Plans

    Not sure how to fit your guests into a circle? Browse through our seating plans and find the right plan for your event. Our seating plans are to scale and allow a one foot space behind every pulled out chair. If you dont see the layout plan for you, we can customize your design according to your needs. 
    View our seating plans.

    Set Up

    The Palace Yurt takes 12 hours to set up, and the Lotus & Champagne Yurts take 6-8 hours to set up.  The Boudoir Yurts and Stretch tents take a few hours.  For a typical Saturday wedding, the minimum two-day rental allows us to set up the Palace Yurt on Wednesday and Thursday.  This would give you all day Friday to set up tables, decorations, etc.  The yurt must be empty by 10 am on Sunday for us to take it down.  It would be an extra $195 per day thereafter.

    Our large yurts need to be erected on flat and even ground.  Ensure that your chosen area is not more than 1 foot off from level over the entire diameter.  To ensure that the Palace Yurt will fit in your chosen space, measure a rope to 18ft (16ft for the Lotus & 15ft for the Champagne Yurt) and place a peg in the middle of where you want the yurt to be.  Follow the rope around in a circle to make sure the ground is flat and even. If you wish to set up two large yurts together, the two diameters need to be side by side in your chosen location.

    The Palace Yurt is 22ft high in the centre and 6.5 t high at the walls.  The Lotus & Champagne Yurt is 13ft high in the centre and 6.5ft high at the walls.  The Palace, Lotus & Champagne yurts have two doorways opposite eachother and are 7 ft high by 4 ft wide. 

    Please note: We must be able to have direct access to your chosen spot.  If we are not able to unload within 50 feet, extra charges for set up will apply.

    Our yurts can be set up on grass or on hard surfaces. On grass or softer ground, we use 18” pegs which tie to a rope that is flush to the yurt walls. If we cannot peg down effectively then you should plan to have clean rocks available, more than 1ft in diameter (often found at the beach) We will tie the rocks with rope into parcels and it looks quite smart around the yurt! If rocks are not available then the largest size concrete block would suffice. In total the yurt uses 14 tie downs. 

    Our stretch tents require 10ft from the perimeter of the tent for the guy ropes and fastenings, and in most cases pegging 35” into the ground. Fastenings can also be attached to buildings, trees and ballasts. If your site has special ground conditions (solid rock, impacted gravel, tarmac, or protected archeological site) please contact us in advance for a site consultation.

    Want to see the process of our Little Foot Yurt team setting up our Palace Yurt? Watch this video!

    Cancellation Policy

    A 25% non-refundable deposit is required for all bookings. This ensures that we can save the date and size of yurt exclusively for a client. Changing the date and yurt size affects our ability to know what dates are available. Yurts are booked one year to six months in advance and in the few cases where people have cancelled their booking it's rare that we are able to fill the booking at that late stage. We recommend that all of our clients be sure of the date and yurt type before they book. 

    Removing Canvas Walls

    The two front canvas walls of the Palace, Lotus & Champagne Yurts can be zipped off which provides enhanced ventilation and viewing. The simple zipper design is easy to use so you can open and close the wall after we have gone.  We request that you zip up the walls after your activities to ensure that potential high winds do not enter the yurt.

    Keeping the yurt warm & cool

    If you are planning a spring or late summer wedding, you should consider renting a heater to keep your guests warm. The most appropriate and safest heater for our yurts is a CSA approved propane forced air heater (ducted heat). We recommend the smallest of the forced air heaters, such as the Premier 80 which is 80,000 BTU. This heater can be placed at the back door with our flap door down. 

    Our yurts perform very well in hot weather. The cotton canvas which we use for the coverings is breathable and provides an airy feel in the yurt. The two front canvas walls can be zipped back for enchanced air flow and viewing.

    Yurts in bad weather, grass & bugs!

    Yurts have a self supporting frame and are anchored to the group by 12 points with large steel pegs. These pegs are removed without a trace. The circular shape of the yurt makes them strong in high winds and bad weather. The yurts don't usually damage the grass. Sometimes, if there is heavy dancing, the grass can get trampled, but the grass grows back just fine. 

    Bugs seem to stay away from the yurt as it is white. Also, renting our flooring really helps keeps the moisture down which helps to keep the bugs at bay!


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