About Us

Welcome to Little Foot Yurts! We are a small family business blending our artistic skills of green woodworking, textiles and ancient building techniques to provide traditional style coppice wood yurts. Our yurts are hand-crafted by Selene Cole, (tailors the coverings), and Alex Cole and Silas Hanavan, (build the yurt frames.)

We are not just yurt manufacturers. We are a family run business that provide educational workshops and are at the forefront of developing sustainable forestry projects in our local community.

We have been living in the Gaspereau Valley since 2005 and absolutely love it! This farming based rural community nourishes us with its warm hearted residents and delicious food crops. Our daughter, Yara Pamelyn and our son Rawly Temir keep us very busy and have been known to shave yurt poles with nut crackers! 


How we got started

We met whilst traveling in Australia, and later moved to Wales to work on The Roundhouse Project, a traditional Celtic round house built with phragmites reed on the roof and earthen plaster on the walls. 

This project was located in the Vale of Glamorgan in South Wales where we lived at Coed Hills Rural Artspace; a not-for-profit co-operative social enterprise that promotes sustainable living and creative arts. 



It was at Coed Hills where we learned how to build yurts, along with tipis, log cabins and straw baled buildings in addition to the Iron Age Roundhouse.

Coed Hills allowed us to discover our passion about sustainable living, both ecologically and socially; the “unintentional community” that was formed at Coed Hills essentially became the catalyst for Little Foot Yurts. The amazing people and energy of Coed Hills changed our lives and inspired us to start a sustainable business. In 2003 we moved to Nova Scotia and in 2005 we started Little Foot Yurts.

Meet the makers

Our yurts are hand-crafted by Selene Cole, (tailors the coverings), Alex Cole & Silas Hanavan, (build the yurt frames).

Selene Cole

Raised on a sheep farm in Timiskaming, Quebec, Selene has always felt connected to the natural world as the early days of her life were spent watching the cycles of farm life and being in close contact with the outdoors.   Read more...





Alex Cole 

Alex has always felt that living spaces should go beyond their operational capacity and be the artistic interpretation of their creator, and provide both aesthetic stimulation and symbolic healing.  Read more...







Silas Hanavan

Silas comes to the yurt-building trade from an ancestry of hardworking Dutch artisans who take great pride in hand work. He grew up in Scouts, which piqued his interest in both knotwork and simple shelters. As a gardener and naturalist, Silas' studies in ecological gardening at Linnea Farm inform his work in the coppice woodlands. He loves dogs, bikes, growing food, and sleeping in yurts with his family whenever he gets the chance.








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